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If you are convicted of a first-time DUI or OVI in Ohio, you might be sentenced to three days in jail. Alternately, you might be sentenced to three days of DUI School. In Ohio, these 72-hour DUI courses are referred to as Driver Intervention Programs (DIP). In many cases, completing your DIP is mandatory before you can have a suspended license reinstated, and failure to complete the course can even lead to a probation revocation and jail time.

DUI School often focuses on teaching its students the negative consequences of substance abuse while driving and in daily life, and how to employ safe driving techniques in the future. There are several DUI Schools in Toledo, including:

Comprehensive Addiction Services Systems

2465 Collingwood Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43620
(419) 241-8827

Talbot Outpatient Center Driver Intervention Program

2600 Navarre Avenue
Oregon, OH 43616
(419) 693-6099

DUI School in Toledo tends to cost anywhere from $300-$600, depending on whether you take the 3-day course or the more rigorous 6-day course.

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