Toledo DUI Defense Attorney


I tested over the legal alcohol limit, should I just plead guilty?

No! Breath tests, and even blood tests, are not always accurate. A number of factors can contribute to a questionable score, from poor blood-drawing techniques to improperly calibrated Breathalyzer machines. A good Toledo DUI lawyer can call these inaccuracies into question during your trial as part of your defense.

I don’t feel comfortable performing a Field Sobriety Test. If I refuse, will it cause problems for me later?

A police officer probably won’t tell you this, but it is absolutely your right to refuse taking a Field Sobriety Test (FST). They are not required by any law, and the truth of the matter is that FSTs are extremely subjective. They are often inaccurate, improperly administered, and set up for you to fail regardless of whether or not you are actually intoxicated. If asked, your best option is to politely refuse.

How can I have my license reinstated after my suspension?

The rules for reinstating a suspended license depend on the reason for your suspension. If you are regaining your license after a first-time misdemeanor DUI, you must wait the ordered number of days, and then bring proof of SR-22 insurance and the required reinstatement fee to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles outlet. For more details or instructions for different types of license suspensions, consult the BMV website.

Can I drive on a suspended license?

Absolutely not! If you win your BMV administrative hearing, you will be allowed to drive at least until the results of your criminal trial come in. If your license is suspended as part of your conviction sentence, you may be able to apply for restricted driving privileges after a set amount of days, to allow you to drive to and from work and for other necessities. If not, however, be patient and find other means of transportation. If you are caught driving on a suspended or revoked license, you could face harsh penalties.

Do I really need a lawyer?

Yes! The side of the prosecution will have its best lawyers on the case to secure a conviction against you. You may be able to fight them on your own, but it is an extremely difficult battle for someone without years of experience in DUI legal defense. Your best bet for a fair trial is to defend yourself with a Toledo DUI lawyer who can stand up to the competition.