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A car accident is traumatizing at best, catastrophic at worst. A car accident caused by drunk driving is especially tragic. If you were involved in an accident and are facing DUI charges, you need the legal representation of a skilled Toledo DUI lawyer immediately.

While most forms of DUI are misdemeanor offenses, a DUI leading to an accident is often considered a felony, especially if another person was killed or seriously injured during the accident. Your DUI could be “enhanced” by charges like reckless driving or endangerment, or you could face devastating charges such as vehicular manslaughter or homicide. You could spend years in state prison if convicted, and the consequences of a felony on your record can have a serious affect on the rest of your life.

Not every DUI accident happens because of the drinking: just as many are caused by poor road conditions or other forms of error. A good Toledo DUI lawyer can help you make this case.

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Our Toledo DUI lawyers have successfully defended clients throughout Toledo and surrounding counties against all types of DUI charges, including DUIs where accidents were involved. We treat all of our clients with respect and care, as well as a full understanding of the serious charges they are facing. We investigate each case thoroughly, compiling evidence and working alongside forensics experts and other professionals to build a solid defense on your behalf. Whether we negotiate reduced charges, aggressively challenge the prosecution at trial, or fight to have your case dismissed outright, we work tirelessly to make sure you attain the best outcome possible for your case.

When you are facing such serious charges as a DUI accident, you cannot afford to go unrepresented. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Toledo DUI lawyer today.